We’re all the same!


Never to be forgotten is that, if blacks had come to Europe and taken whites to Africa as slaves, and if some hundreds of years later the whites were freed in a time of growing global awareness, the black reactions to losing property would be exactly the same as the white reactions in US border states during Reconstruction.

We’re all the same!

We’re just big buses for bacteria, pushed relentlessly by Big Bang energy and sunlight to gather sustenance so we can make more of our composite selves who will do more of the same. Loss of sustenance in any form, including one’s slaves, spurs fear, hatred and violence. Blackness and whiteness are recent historical accidents that, should our species survive so long, will almost completely fade from our memories. Long ago we forgot the Neanderthals but archaeology and science have jogged our memories of them. Today, our degrees of separation from the people of the US Civil War are very small, just two or three. Our degrees of separation from the Neanderthals are probably in the hundreds. Actually, we never completely forgot the Neanderthals: they lived on in folk tales with trolls and so forth. Eventually we’ll remember what dragons actually were.


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