Thomas Friedman on the Middle East


Thomas Friedman’s May 27 New York Times op-ed Contain and Amplify captures almost all of what I think about the Middle East.

My comments on it: The European nations, principally the UK, drew straight lines in the sand some 100 years ago to create, for their own benefit, most of these now-chaotic Middle Eastern “nations”. The US with help from the UK decapitated Iran in the early 1950s. Since then the US has unilaterally corrupted Saudi Arabia, invaded Afghanistan in revenge, invaded and decapitated Iraq, and decapitated Libya, all in blatant violation of our covenants with the United Nations (and all in disregard of Christian values). Not to say that other nations have been angels in the meantime; consider for example which among them are selling arms and ammunition to ISIS today.

In sum, much of what we fear and fight today was of our own predatory and lawless making starting decades ago. Who is the US then to condemn or dismiss the Middle Eastern people for lawlessness, chaos, and the desperate violence that we reflexively label “terrorism”? Could there be any more powerful statement of powerlessness and hopelessness than suicide bombing?


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