What Friedman neglects to mention.


Thomas Friedman describes the bloody chaotic situation in the Middle East, but he neglects to mention some important matters.

One of these is that he has been a strong supporter of the policies that he says have led us and the locals to this mess. For example, he was a big supporter of Pres. George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq. There were plenty of people who opposed that invasion, such as Friedman’s colleague at the Times, Paul Krugman.

Another matter he omits to mention is that President Obama’s foreign policy in the region is similar to what Friedman urges. But why does he write as if he is proposing some new good idea? Why not credit President Obama, who is refusing to invade Iraq again to get rid of ISIS on the same grounds as Friedman urges: the locals have to want to defend their own societies in order that our, outside help can be effective.


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