Donald Trump’s misbehavior and the political world’s response


I confess that I did not watch the recent Fox News Republican candidates’ debate, but I’ve been reading about it.

In my opinion, people are missing the significance of Donald Trump’s response to Megan Kelly’s questions, both during and after the debate, when he suggested that she asked him unpleasant questions because of menstruation disturbed her mood.

He showed himself to be a misogynistic jerk, of course, but any disinterested observer already knew that. Calling for him to apologize misses the point. The fault he revealed to us is not just that he likes to insult people.

He has shown us how he thinks and behaves when he is under pressure. Indeed, it wasn’t really much pressure.

When he is under pressure he yells at and insults the source of that pressure. He does not deal with the problem calmly and effectively, but tries to make the source of the pressure go away by threatening it.

He has shown us that he is not the kind of person we want in the White House commanding our armed forces, dealing with foreign powers,  or helping the nation deal with emergencies.

The world’s great leaders manage to keep their heads under pressure.


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