Six-pointed stars: to be fair

The recent Trump campaign post featuring a six-pointed star brought cries of anti-Semitic prejudice from Democrats and others. Trump people countered that the symbol is more associated with sheriffs than with Semitism.

I did two searches in Google Images, one for “sheriff star” and the other for “Star of David”. As you can infer from the two screen shots below, most sheriff stars are 6-pointed, and nearly all Stars of David have crossbars, unlike the plain star in the Trump post.




The above samples were from the first pages of returns from the two Google searches. In the first 100 sheriff-star images, 62 were six-pointed, the rest mostly five points plus a few seven. In the first 100 Star of David images, 90 had crossbars, as opposed to solid color like the teal-colored one in the second image above and like the red one in Trump’s post.

Conclusion: It’s a long shot to rightfully accuse Trump of anti-Semitism for having used a solid-colored 6-pointed star. Still, you have to wonder, especially given that the Trump red star was allegedly copied from a far-far-right blog post.

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