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Does Evolution Have a Direction?


Makes me go ballistic every time (says my wife) – here’s another example of anthropomorphic description of how evolution seems to have a purpose, in the sense of proactive adaptation (“driving”) versus what I claim MUST be viewed as passive filtering by an always-changing environment.  

Through random mutation, evolution is relentlessly tinkering with the animal body plan, driving species toward diversification and various modes of living.

And this from the Skeptic! No, evolution is a result and not a cause. The cause is always the simplest conceivable cause that could exist: change. Time is change, change is time, that is all we know and all we need to know to understand evolution. The sentence should read something like this: 

Through never-ending change in the external environment – some of which life feeds back into, for example a growing reef newly shading the bottom beside it – species thrive or fail according to how well they happen to fit today’s conditions and how well their offspring, randomly mutated, happen to fit tomorrow’s evolving conditions. Environmental changes filter changes in species.

 Do I make sense? Does it matter? Clearly I think it does…


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